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There are now two different B❒X formats to reach different objectives through different delivery methods.

Join Box Creator, Jimbo Clark as he provides you everything you need to successfully lead B❒X programs virtually, face to face or blended.

COVID19 Special Pricing

This is a great time to upskill your ability to lead significant change in thinking, behaviors and outcomes. It may also a time that is difficult to commit financial resources. We are offering our biggest ever discount on certification programs with an up to 40% discount.

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Live Instruction

& Interaction

Online Materials

Physical Materials

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COVID19 Discount

Hack Your box Trainer

Periodic Group Coaching Calls 

(recorded sessions available)

Session Videos, 

Video Introduction to every slide. 

PowerPoint decks and session plans for 3 different topics. Checklists.

 Recorded coaching calls. 



20% Off


Certified B❒X Facilitator

One on One Certification Call w/ Jimbo 

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Co-Design your first delivery

50-page Facilitator Guide  

PowerPoint decks

Video introduction to every slide

Video demos of the “tricky bits.”


Supplemental reading

Promotional materials

Diversity & Inclusion TTT

Alternate session plans.

2 B❒Xes 

Delivery Props


25% Off


Box ttt Combo

Access to Group Coaching Calls & Individual Certification Call

Access to all training, delivery and support materials.

2 B❒Xes

Delivery Props


40% Off



Specialized Train the Trainer Offers

Hack your Box for Inclusion

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Hack your Box for a Sustainable Life Individual Program

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