What is Your Box?

The B❒X is a physical metaphor for the boundaries of your thinking.

We take the phrase “Think out of the box,” literally and define your current box (your unconscious thinking) and then work on consciously improving that thinking to give you more of what you really want while experiencing less pressure.

The B❒X Experience

When Thinking out of the Box is not Enough

Client: “Can you help my team think out of the box?”

Me: “Let’s take the phrase ‘think out of the box’ literally and put a box on your head to understand the boundaries of our thinking.”

What started as an admittedly crazy, “out of the box” idea in 2009 has turned into a global movement for improved thinking, empathy and creativity.

With more than 30,000 brains unboxed by more than 200 global facilitators, The B❒X has proven to be a flexible and impactful tool that consistently delivers an “Ah Ha” experience, with a structured approach to debrief and apply the insights into lasting change.

“The B❒X has been a very valuable element of our creativity innovation programs. With the insights gained through applying the box, people can be better creative thinkers and more effective collaborators.”

Florian Rustler
Author of “Thinking Tools for Creativity and Innovation.”

“The B❒X is a rich and enlightening tool that has helped thousands of our participants both know themselves more deeply and deliver innovative solutions. Every client that we have run the Box program for has been delighted. The feedback is consistently wonderful”

Andy Clark
Head Honcho, ClarkMorgan Training Ltd & Shine Training Ltd.

The Virtual B❒X Experience

Designed for Virtual Delivery

When the world of training went virtual in early 2020, we donated one day a week to run virtual mindset change programs using the principles learned from running hundreds of B❒X programs.

Using just a piece of paper and a pencil, hundreds of people were able to ground their anxious thinking, create actionable plans, and connect in a deep and meaningful way with others from around the world.

Hack your B❒X is now a tried and tested virtual process that has been rigorously developed (more than 50 sessions with more than 700 participants from 29 countries have participated) and has stable Train the Trainer process (with 35 trainers running their own expressions of Hack your B❒X).

“This is by far, one of the most engaging and meaningful programs in the Zoomisphere today.”

John Chen
Author of “Engaging Virtual Meetings”

“I often mentally check out in virtual programs as I have the attention span of a gnat. Time flew by and I gained so much I enrolled my sister and mother to attend as well. And they loved it too!”

Jessica Nobel
Author of: “The Five Customer Experience Mistakes Causing Profit Erosion”

Become a B❐X Facilitator

Read “The B❒X Book”

“Jimbo takes complex ideas and makes them accessible and impactful to everyone. He somehow makes profound change look and feel easy.”

Meet B❒X Creator: Jimbo Clark

Jim Clark was born and raised in Seattle and moved to Taiwan in1987 where he was given the Chinese name of Jin Bo (金波) which led to his name evolving from Jim to Jimbo.

Jimbo is the founder of InnoGreat, a consulting firm which focuses on creativity and innovation in the decision-making process. He helps leadership teams and organizations solve challenging situations with improved thinking aligned to a shared vision of the future. Jimbo has worked with more than 40 Fortune 500 companies around the world.

For a more detailed introduction go to innogreat.com/jimbo or connect on LinkedIn here.