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Deliver the B❒X Experience

best for facilitating change

Self-Paced Facilitator Course & Guide

Virtual and In Person Session Plans

Presentation Decks, Exercises and Handouts 

1-on-1 Certification Call

25 B❒Xes/User Licences Included

$2,500 - $9,000

Let us Deliver for you

best for high stake programs

Select from a global pool including B❒X Creator, Jimbo Clark

In Person, Virtual or Hybrid Solutions 

Great for senior or cross functional teams

Custom design across a wide spectrum of topics 

20+ Languages

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Roll out The B❒X

best for scalability

Custom Sollutions to Fit your Org

Use our External or your Internal Facilitators

Virtual and/or In Person Applications

Includes Access to Hack your Box Methods

Custom Branding Available

Self-Paced Certification: Any time at your pace

Are you Ready to Change your World NOW?

Can’t wait or get to a f2f certification? More than 50% of B❒X Facilitators have been certified at their own pace.
❒ Personalized focus on your implementation of the B❒X Experience.
❒ Total flexibility in pace of learning and completion (as quick as two days as long as… you need).

“I found this process really fascinating. I love the technology that you’ve used. It’s a great Asynchronous approach to certification, and I’m excited for the next step.”

So Brilliant. Loved it!

hazel 2
Hazel Jackson
CEO Biz Group
“It is very clear that the BOX is backed with evidence based scientific behavioral theory, but the best part is you don’t add any of the psycho education in it! You make it experiential in a way people can get.”

Your Train the Trainer is Stupendous

Rachel Gooen
The first time I facilitated The B❒X Experience i just trusted the process and had a growth mindset about myself :) The facilitation material and slides are so helpful.

The concepts are easy to understand and lead.

Lana Fenichel
Senior Director, Special Olympics
With the insights gained through applying the box, people can be better creative thinkers and more effective collaborators.”

The Box has been a very valuable element of our creativity innovation programs.

Florian Rustler
Author, "Thinking Tools for Creativity and Innovation"

Let us deliver an out of the box learning experience for your organization.

Are you looking for a creative way to challenge the status quo or inspire new thinking?
Join the hundreds of organizations around the world who have hired a Certified B❒X Facilitator to deliver a program that is unconventional and unique to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Benefits of a B❒X Delivery

❒ The physical nature of the B❐X transcends age, language and culture
❒ Delivered in more than 30 countries
❒ Delivered in more than 17 languages
❒ Scale easily from one-on-one coaching to keynotes of more than 1,000
❒ Fully customizable
❒ Virtual and Face to Face deliveries available.

Ready to book a B❒X Facilitator?

The B❒X speaks any language as it is uses visuals, metaphor and physical experience rather than written language to impact participants. We have facilitators who can deliver in more than 15 languages now, and are happy to explore how we can support development into any language.
Yes. The B❒X was re-designed in 2022 to have impact regardless of delivery method. The shared experience of reflecting, wearing, and tearing the B❒X transcends geographic distance. You will need to get a B❒X to each participant, but it is easier to send a B❒X to a participant than it is to send a participant to a training.
The B❒X has been used with C-Suite of Fortune 50 companies, with board of directors of major companies, with PhDs and with multiple leadership teams. Senior people love The B❒X because it provides a way to get beyond the surface level of thinking and open minds to new possibilities.
Yes. We have a number of coaches using The B❒X including executive coaches, marriage counsellors, family coaches and performance coaches. The B❒X provides a platform for creating a more compelling success image, adjusting mindset to enable new possibilities, and action planning for taking concrete steps to move towards their goals, all embedded in The B❒X.
With good AV, the possibilities are limitless. Each person has their own B❒X to reflect and plan on, and interaction can be done in pairs and small groups, so the B❒X can scale to any size event.
Yes. We have experience in supporting multi-national and multi-lingual change initiatives. We custom design a B❒X Experience to your specifications, and then train your internal trainers to deliver the session across the business.
Yes and no. Only licensed B❒X Facilitators can deliver B❒X based programs… and if you or someone in your organization would like to become a B❒X facilitator then you can run the program in house.