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Deliver the B❒X Experience

best for facilitating change

Self-Paced Facilitator Course & Guide

Virtual and In Person Session Plans

Presentation Decks, Exercises and Handouts 

1-on-1 Certification Call

25 B❒Xes/User Licences Included

20% Bulk Discount on Additional B❐Xes

$2,500 - $9,000

Let us Deliver for you

best for high stake programs

Select from a global pool including B❒X Creator, Jimbo Clark

In Person, Virtual or Hybrid Solutions 

Great for senior or cross functional teams

Custom design across a wide spectrum of topics 

20+ Languages

Multiple topics or lengths 

Connect for a Quote

Roll out The B❒X

best for scalability

Custom Sollutions to Fit your Org

Use our External or your Internal Facilitators

Virtual and/or In Person Applications

Includes Access to Hack your Box Methods

Custom Branding Available

Up to 30% Bulk Discounts on B❐Xes 

Let us deliver an out of the box learning experience for your organization.

Are you looking for a creative way to challenge the status quo or inspire new thinking?
Join the hundreds of organizations around the world who have hired a Certified B❒X Facilitator to deliver a program that is unconventional and unique to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Here are just a few organizations that have benefited from a Box Delivery.

Benefits of a B❒X Delivery

❒ The physical nature of the B❐X transcends age, language and culture
❒ Delivered in more than 25 countries
❒ Delivered in more than 15 languages
❒ Scale easily from one-on-one coaching to keynotes of more than 1,000
❒ Fully customizable
❒ Virtual and Face to Face deliveries available.

Ready to book a B❒X Facilitator?

Life is like a box of…B❒Xes

Watch B❒X Creator, Jimbo Clark sample the possibilities of how The B❐X can increase creativity, challenge the status quo and improve empathy.
❒ The B❒X Back Story
❒ What is The B❒X
❒ B❒X Use Cases
❒ B❒X Delivery Options