Hack your Box for Inclusion TTT


Hack Your Box for Inclusion is a complete 4-5 hour virtual (or live) program that uses a plain piece of paper and a pen to open new thinking about inclusion, the impact of filters on self and others, and practical adjustments to thinking that can produce better chemistry, understanding and acceptance of self and others.




For us, diversity is a given, while inclusion is a choice, and it’s this choice that we explore using the concept of the Box.  This TTT was created with the intention of  you  facilitating sessions on D&I through the lens of the Box which can be an innovative way of looking at the concept. 

We will explore some of the key nuances of facilitating the session and driving conversations around inclusion in this 4 hour TTT (split into 2 sessions of 2 hours each). The TTT is practice-oriented and will allow you to facilitate portions of the HYB for Inclusion and get the feedback/ support of your peers and Master Facilitators.   

Inclusion from the Outside In

This session is quite unique in raising awareness to the nonverbal cues that you or others are being excluded. By paying more attention to the shifts in energy and engagement of others, we can make adjustments to increase the inclusivity by going from putting people into boxes to opening up to new possibilities. 

Inclusion from the Inside Out

How well do you understand your filters and how those filters impact inclusion and understanding. In this session participants explore the sources of their positive and negative filters, the gap between intention and results, how to make things right and how to keep adjusting filters as you continue to learn about and understand others better. 


Online Self-Paced Learning Platform:

Everything you Need to Succeed

  • Join a learning community of more than 45 facilitators who are learning and applying the Hack your B❒X methodology to their work.
  • Multiple video run throughs of sessions to watch and learn from.
  • A “Talk Through” video with Shilpa and Jimbo explaining each slide and providing alternative stories and perspectives.
  • Totally redesigned deck with new illustrations and simplified messaging.
  • Session plan with timings and breakout instructions.
  • Video recording of previous TTT sessions.
  • Support and promotional materials.

Coaching Call

Once you have completed the materials, set up a coaching call to review any areas of uncertainty and to customize the design and approach.

Your Rights:

Use logo and promotional materials to attract participants.
Slides may be used by yourself to deliver virtual or face to face programs.
You may alter the content of the slides, but please leave copyright on them.
Updates as they are created will be added to the TTT.

You are Not Allowed to:

Share the slides or artwork on the slides as a deck or as handouts.
Train or encourage others to use the process outside of being trained with this Train the Trainer.