Upgrade Your Box

When people say, “Think out of the box,” what is the box you are supposed to think out of?

The B❒X Back Story

“My name is Jimbo and I have a box on my head…”

In 2009 I had a client ask me if I could run a training session on “Out of the Box Thinking…”

While working on the design, I had an inspiration… “What if we took the phrase “Think out of the box” literally and put boxes on these senior executive’s heads?

The first Box session. They cut the boxes themselves.

Since then more than 20,000 brains have been “unboxed” in hundreds of organizations in more than 26 countries.

What Happens during a B❒X Session?

While every application of The B❒X is unique, these are the common components of the B❒X in action.

Watch this highlight reel of a Box Session.

What is The Box?

People tell you to “think out of the box,” but no one tells you what the box is. “The Box” represents the invisible boundaries of our thinking that help us understand and make decisions.

What is meant by the phrase, “Think out of the box?”

What is YOUR Box?

In this part of the process, you will use a specially designed physical box to represent the boundaries of your thinking. As you move through each part of your box you will have new insights into how your unconscious thinking serves you, and why sometimes it is necessary to “think out of the box.”

Defining the boundaries of your thinking with the physical box.

Box On/Box Off

You put the physical box on your head to help you understand the impact that your invisible thinking box has on your experience and your results.

The reason we want you to put their box on you head.
Some of the best “Out of the Box” photos with a box on your head…

Build a Better Box

As you understand the current boundaries of your thinking, it creates the opportunity to make adjustments to those boundaries to deliver better results while causing less stress and strain.

Applications of the Box

There are many possible applications of the box to improve our thinking and results. Here are just a few.

Become a Certified Box Facilitator

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The Box is a well respected and mature tool used by more than a hundred Certified Box Facilitators in more than 20 countries around the world. 

Details on how to become a Certified Box Facilitator