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Challenge your Thinking to Produce Breakthrough Results

In The B❒X Breakthrough Challenge you will:

❒ create a physical map of the boundaries of your thinking (your B❒X)

❒ reflect, draw, write, share, wear and tear your B❒X to understand and challenge your thinking

❒ breakthrough your B❒X to access new thoughts, strategies and behaviors

The B❒X®

❒ takes the phrase “think out of the box” literally.

❒ is a physical representation of the unconscious boundaries of your thinking (aka your unconscious bias).

❒ is an artifact that provides impact long after the session finishes.

❒ makes the invisible visible, the unconscious conscious, and the seemingly impossible actionable.

❒ is a mindset improvement tool.

❒ has benefited more than 30,000 people in 20+ languages.

❒ has been used by more than 50 Fortune 500 companies.

The B❒X Breakthrough Challenge Includes:

Virtual OR In Person Event

Your Very own B❒X

The B❒X Book
(Digital Edition)

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