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Find out why The BOX is known as The Swiss Army Knife of Change.

Walk through of the BOX Features

Examples and Case Studies

Exploration of Possible Applications

All your Questions Answered

In a B❒X Design Workshop you Will…

Go Behind the Scenes

What were the needs?
How did they design their B❒X Experience?

Learn Delivery Tips

What did they learn through the delivery process?
What would they do differently?

Co-Create New Designs

Apply the learning into your own possible B❒X Experience Design.

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Global Virtual Cohort (JUNE)

Join future B❒X Stars from around the world as we work together on your road to mastering the B❒X. In this multi-session Train the Trainer you will gain the skills and tools necessary to design and deliver your own B❒X Experience.

In Person In Sausalito!

What could be better than summer time in the Bay Area… with fellow future B❒X Stars learning how to deliver real change through the B❒X.

Start Now and Learn at your Pace

Are you ready to start your journey of Mastery of The B❒X now? In addition to the materials you will have a kick-off call and a co-design call to design your use of The B❒X

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