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In a B❒X Design Workshop you Will…

Go Behind the Scenes

What were the needs?
How did they design their B❒X Experience?

Learn Delivery Tips

What did they learn through the delivery process?
What would they do differently?

Co-Create New Designs

Apply the learning into your own possible B❒X Experience Design.

January’s Guest

Salina Chan PhD

In late 2022, Salina led a group of over 300 people through a one-day B❒X Experience focused on happiness. In this month’s B❒X Design Workshop, we’ll talk about how to scale a B❒X program to 300+ AND how to customize the experience to help people live happier lives.

The B❒X Design Workshop Details:

❒ 90 Minutes
❒ Interview with Guest Facilitator
❒ Review Outcomes and Lessons Learned
❒ Apply to Future B❒X Programs
❒ Q&A and Co-Design

We will run sessions on the last Tuesday of the month with each month highlighting a different topic, facilitator and Time Zone.

If the time doesn’t fit your schedule/timezone, register and we’ll make sure you get the recording in a follow up email.

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