The BOX Book


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What do you get when you take the cliche “Think out of the box” literally with more than 30,000 people?

Simple yet profound insights into the what, the why and the how to think out (and back in) the B❒X to achieve breakthrough results.

Terms and Conditions of The BOX Book


What does it take to truly “Think out of the BOX?”

Jimbo distills 13 years of unBOXing thousands of people’s minds into a concise look at the what, the why and the how to breakthrough the boundaries of your thinking, and more importantly, improve your “BOX” to get more of what you really want while experiencing less pressure.

“The BOX Book,” lays down a clear roadmap of how to think differently to get better results in an insightful and easy to digest format.

The B❒X Book:

❒ is 100+ pages of practical and actionable insights.
❒ is based on feedback from more than 30,000 global participants.
❒ has more than 150 illustrations and photos to bring concepts to life.
❒ includes footnotes on the research The B❒X is based on.
❒ condenses deep insights into a simple to read format.
❒ provides a step by step process to think out of your box, and back into a better box.
❒ is a companion to The B❒X Experience…it is designed to enhance The B❒X Experience, not replace it.


“Great book! I love the way you’ve transformed the “Johari Window”  into an actionable event, and then taken that even further with your activities and interaction – brilliant!”

Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins Consulting LLC