Hack Your Box for a Sustainable Life Train the Trainer March Cohort


The key to Sustainability is Mindset Change.

In this Train the Trainer you will learn how to lead a powerful and enjoyable virtual program designed to challenge and improve your audience’s understanding of how they can live a sustainable life, and identify real world actions they are willing to take to make a positive difference in the world.

Hack Your Box is a complete 1.5-2 hour virtual (or live) program that uses a plain piece of paper and a pen to generate mindset change, creativity and an inspired connection to the future.




With face to face programs being canceled or delayed, it is critical to keep making an impact in people’s hearts and minds about their own impact on sustainability.
Hack Your Box is a complete 90 minute virtual (or live) program that uses a plain piece of paper and a pen to generate mindset change, creativity and an inspired connection to the future.  This program has been rigorously tested with group sizes ranging from five to thirty-five and participants from more than 20 countries.

Online Self-Paced Learning Platform:

Everything you Need to Succeed

  • Custom deck with unique illustrations, storylines and speaker notes.
  • Detailed session plan with timings and breakout instructions.
  • Support and promotional materials.
  • Multiple video run throughs of sessions to watch and learn from.
  • A “Talk Through” video with Alice and Jimbo explaining each slide and providing alternative stories and perspectives.
  • Design tips for customization for various audiences (e.g. corporate, education, virtual, in person).

Live Virtual Instructor Led Train the Trainer

March, 2021 Cohort

Session 1: March 4, Orientation (1 hour)

Meet the people in your cohort, learn what cools things all of us are doing in the sustainability space, orientate yourself to all the materials and come up with a learning plan that will prepare you for the second session, and more importantly, your own implementation of the materials.
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Session 2: March 11, Teach Back and Q&A (2.5 hours)

Show what you know by teaching a section of the content to your peers. Give and receive feedback and come up with your stories, examples and applications based on your use case and your audience.
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Can’t make these dates and times? No Worries.

We have a one-to-one option available for you.

If the timings for this cohort do not work for you there is an option to complete your certification individually. For the one-to-one option you will be required to submit a video of yourself presenting sections of the program and then have a one hour coaching call with either Jimbo or Alice.

Connect to the Trainer Community

Hack your Box has a growing community of practitioners. Join other Sustainability trainers in sharing your tips and tools for using this and other methodologies to make your Sustainability Handprint grow.


Your Rights:

Use logo and promotional materials to attract participants.
Slides may be used by yourself to deliver virtual or face to face programs.
You may alter the content of the slides, but please leave copyright on them.
Updates as they are created will be added to the TTT.

You are Asked Not to:

Share the slides or artwork on the slides as a deck or as handouts.
Train or encourage others to use the process outside of being trained with this Train the Trainer.

In need of a Scholarship?

We are happy to offer partial scholarships to trainers, coaches, educators and community leaders based on need and proposed application of the process. Apply for a Partial Scholarship by connecting with Jimbo at