Dallas 2019 Certified Box Facilitator Training


Become a licensed facilitator with this blended course.


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Date: October 5, 2019

Time: 9:30 – 5:00

Location: Address is 6116 N Central Expressway, Suite 208, Dallas, YX 75206.

The Certified Box Facilitator Course is designed to provide the basic skills and information necessary for using InnoGreat’s “In & Out of the Box” tool. Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Know how to confidently lead participants through the In & Out of The Box process.
  • Prepare an application of the process, and how to embed it into a larger program design.
  • Understand how to communicate the benefits of the process to key stakeholders.
  • Have the right to purchase further boxes from InnoGreat at a discounted rate, and to resell boxes to participants (see pricing below).


STEP 1: Register, Make Payment and Accept the Legal Terms and Conditions.

After you register, pay and accept the terms and conditions of becoming a Certified Box Facilitator, you will be given full access to the online learning platform.

NOTE: The physical materials will be provided to you during the course.

STEP 2: Complete the Eight Modules.

Each lesson follows a similar flow.

  • Short written introduction.
  • Video explanation.
  • Resources that provide more depth.
  • Reflection questions to stimulate your thinking (required).

To assist you with scheduling your time, each lesson has the following estimated time to complete to help you with scheduling.

  1. Preparation – 15-25 min
  2. Introduction – 20-30 min
  3. The Outside – 25-35 min
  4. The Front – 20-30 min
  5. The Left & Right – 20-30 min
  6. The Back – 60-70 min
  7. Box on Head – 25-35
  8. Insights & Conclusion – 40-50

Your actual time may vary.

STEP 3: Attend and complete the Certification Course.

Date: October 5, 2019

Time: 9:30 – 5:00

Location: Address is 6116 N Central Expressway, Suite 208, Dallas, YX 75206.

Certified Box Facilitator Rights

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will become a Certified Box Facilitator.

Please note that you may not purchase boxes for use in your programs until you have completed BOTH the online learning lessons AND the Certification Course.

ONLY Certified Box Facilitators are licensed to use The Box with clients/participants.

ONLY Certified Box Facilitators may purchase additional boxes for US$10 per piece plus shipping

The licensed facilitator price is US$10 per box and are sold in multiples of 25.

The price does not include shipping.

Price is subject to change.

ONLY Certified Box Facilitators may sell The Box at the suggested retail price of  US$15.

See the Terms and Conditions for details.

Certified Box Facilitator Restrictions

Certified Box Facilitators are NOT allowed to train other facilitators.

If there is a need for a Train the Facilitator Program, please contact InnoGreat at jclark@innogreat.com.

Certified Box Facilitators are NOT allowed to resell The Box to Non-Certified Trainers.

Services, Products and Pricing

Under this Overview and the Agreement, the following payment to InnoGreat Co. Ltd. will cover services and deliverables including:




On Demand Facilitator’s Program

(access to PowerPoint slides, instructional videos, written interaction and video
conference with Jimbo.)



Facilitator Guide (Download)



Box Booklet (Download)



Presentation Slide Deck (Download)



Boxes (Given at Program)



Stretch Ropes (Given at Program)






Please note that although the fees above may not set out the relevant sales, goods and services, excise, value added or similar taxes, whether of federal or other jurisdictional level, taxes will be charged in the normal course. All taxes will be shown separately on each invoice. Also note that above Facilitator’s Program must be completed within one year from the date of payment unless written permission for an extension is obtained from InnoGreat.