CBF Early Adopter Workshop in a BOX


This is a ONE TIME ONLY limited offer for Certified Box Facilitators Only

You Must Register and Pay BEFORE June 13 to Attend at this Price

We will ship your set of 25 Box 4.0 to you…

Once we have the registration list, we will coordinate the best possible time(s) to run the sessions. (Targeting Late June/Early July)

Videos will be available if you are unable to attend.



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What is the Workshop in B❐X

Everything you need to think out of the box is found in The B❐X

We’ve integrated the experience of leading more than 30,000 people through the B❐X process to provide a complete and flexible facilitation tool.

“I loved how the physical B❐X held the whole program together. All my learning is captured in one place.”

Get Metaphorsical*

*Metaphorsical is combining the metaphorical and the physical into one meaningful and tangible artifact.

The B❐X is a metaphor for reflection and a physical artifact that creates a strong emotional and somatic response that stays with the participant long after the program.

“My B❐X is on my desk, reminding me of my new thinking and new actions. It makes this session unforgettable.”

Bridge the Virtual Divide

The B❐X creates a shared physical and emotional experience that deepens the level of personal reflection and small group sharing.

“I really enjoy having a physical object to be more concrete and do something with my body in a virtual session. Most engaging virtual program I’ve been in.”

Generate Buzz

Box based photo challenges create camaraderie and photos that participants WANT to share.

“The BOX is the only training where we have people asking when they can attend because it looks like so much fun.”

Breakthrough Thinking

Generate a physical breakthrough to anchor the “Ah-Ha” moments generated in your programs.

“Breaking through the Box was new to me and added a hit of energy and emotion.”

Workshop in B❐X Includes

Self-Paced Learning

Your learning at your pace.

Our self-paced online Train the Trainer provides you with the background, examples and materials you need to successfully lead a B❐X Workshop

Methods for both Face to Face and Virtual deliveries are covered.

25 B❒Xes/Licenses

Learning without doing isn’t really learning.

Your first set of B❐Xes provide you a chance to learn by running B❐X based programs right away.

NOTE: Additional B❐Xes can be bulk ordered at a 20% discount.

Once we have finalized the attendance list, we will find our optimal time to run our Sessions.

Your Rights

❒ Use of presentation decks, images, worksheets and other relevant materials used to prepare and deliver live B❐X Based Programs in person or virtually.

❒ Access to Workshop in a B❐X Facilitator program as introduced above.

❒ Bulk purchase (multiples of 25) at 20% discount (to purchase additional B❐Xes you must complete the Certification Call).

❒ Resell B❐Xes to end users/clients at the normal rate of $25 per B❐X.


❐ You must complete the Certification process to purchase additional B❐Xes.

❒ The B❐X is a Registered Trademark and protected under copyright law. You may not claim ownership and agree to keep relevant copyright and trademarks in materials.

❒ You may not print a copy or create a replacement for The B❐X.

❒ You may not transfer these rights nor may you train others on the B❐X Facilitation process.