Hack Your Box

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, I realized two things.
1. People around the world could use some help with mindset change.
2. As face to face workshops were put on hold, the physical B❒X program (innogreat.com/box) would not be a viable method to offer that help.

Inspired by all the quick hacks doctors and companies made to provide care to thousands of sick and dying, I decided to hack my own thinking to develop a course that would transform a piece of paper and a pencil into a model of your current mindset, and then a process to improve that mindset to provide short term improvement and long term success.

Hack your B❒X by the Numbers:

Sessions Donated81
Brains Hacked1,487
Countries Reached38
Trainers Trained45

Become a Hack your Box Trainer

Learn how to lead a group through a mindset change experience using just a piece of paper and pencil. All self-paced Train the Trainer programs include all the materials and instruction you need to succeed including decks, videos, session plans and recorded Train the Trainer sessions.

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Donations Accepted

50% of your donation will go to the Hack your Box Train the Trainer Scholarship Fund, which is used to provide access to the methodology to educators, community leaders and trainers who are working with marginalized people or those who are negatively impacted by COVID19.