Hack Your Box

Hack your Box is a simple yet impactful methodology which uses a piece of paper and a pencil to create a physical model of your unconscious thinking (your B❒X), and a process of reflection and sharing to make adjustments (hacks) to your thinking to provide better results.

What Makes Hack your Box Different:

Relatable Metaphor: Thinking Out of the Box

One of the more common phrases used in business when current thinking is not getting desired results is, “We need to think out of the box.”  Hack your Box changes that phrase from tired cliché to actionable mindset shift leading to predictable change.

Boxy: The Hack Your Box Character

Boxy is the central image through all Hack your Box programs. Boxy is non-cultural or gender specific. Boxy shows emotions without facial features to allow participants to more easily relate to the storyline or metaphors presented. Feedback to Boxy has been very favorable across cultures. 

Leveraging the IKEA Effect: The DIY BX

“The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created.” The DIY Box creates that sense of connection and ownership which can generate deeper reflection.

Cultural/Linguistic Flexibility

Every concept has a fully illustrated relatable storyline using culturally neutral images.
The process has been used successfully in more than 30 countries and in multiple languages. 

Learner Directed Change

The process is not prescriptive in nature. No one is told what to think, or how to change. Instead, learners are led through a process of self-exploration of the thinking that they want to change, and then create a model for that new thinking and the impact of that thinking on their Box.

From Conceptual to Concrete

Each person’s mindset is invisible to themselves. Unconscious bias, (or bias of any type) is very hard to identify, let alone change. The Box metaphor, and the process of creating and writing on the physical box makes the invisible, to visible, and with that awareness comes the opportunity for change. 

A Physical Artifact from an Online Program

The vast majority of online learning solutions have no real-world artifact. The DIY Box creates a meaningful artifact that exists when the computer is turned off. It is common for people to leave their DIY Box on their desk as a reminder of their new thinking. 

Become a Hack your Box Trainer

Learn how to lead a group through a mindset change experience using just a piece of paper and pencil. All self-paced Train the Trainer programs include all the materials and instruction you need to succeed including decks, videos, session plans and recorded Train the Trainer sessions.













Apply the B❐X Methodology Anywhere

Three Sample Workshops

Custom Co-Design Your Workshop

Video Demos and Walkthoughs

Virtual and In Person Applications

Group Cohort or 1-on-1 Instruction 

Upgradeable to Workshop in a B❐X


Mindset Change for a Sustainable Life

Reduce your Sustainability Footprint

Increase your Sustainability Handprint 

Self-Paced Facilitator Course & Guide

Can be Run Virtually or In Person

Group Cohort or 1-on-1 Instruction


Inclusion From the Outside/In and Inside/Out

The Box as a Metaphor for your Unconscious Bias

Make Conscious Decisions about your Unconscious Thoughts

Can be run as two 2-hour sessions or one 3-Hour Session 

Works Virtual or In Person

Group Cohort or 1-on-1 Instruction