Hack Your Box

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, I realized two things.
1. People around the world could use some help with mindset change.
2. As face to face workshops were put on hold, the physical B❒X program (innogreat.com/box) would not be a method to offer that help.

Inspired by all the quick hacks doctors and companies made to provide care to thousands of sick and dying, I decided to hack my own thinking to develop a course that would transform a piece of paper and a pencil into a model of your current mindset, and then a process to improve that mindset to provide short term safety and long term success.

It worked so well that I am continuing to donate one day a week to deliver relevant topics as long as COVID-19 is continuing to have such a devastating impact.

Hack your B❒X by the Numbers:

Sessions Donated35
Brains Hacked467
Countries Reached28
Topics Covered3

June Hack your B❒X Donated Session:

Hack Your B❒X for a Sustainable Life

Let me be honest. I really miss traveling. As a global consultant, I was spending about 40% of my time on the road last year. And I loved it.

Now that travel has dried up, it has really made me think about how necessary each of those trips were, and whether there is a business model that can provide me with more opportunities to impact people around the globe while traveling less.

This is what inspired me to partner with a sustainable development expert, Alice Richard, to co-design and deliver this month’s donated Hack your B❒X session on living a more sustainable life.

In this 90 minute session you’ll:

❒ Spend 25% of the time in self-reflection.
❒ Spend 25% of the time in discussions.
❒ Create a physical model of your current and future thinking around sustainability.
❒ Identify simple next steps you will take to live a more sustainable life.
❒ Connect and learn with people from around the world.

To register for a session, click on a link and follow the registration process.

First Week of June (90 Min Sessions)

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Representative Times for this Session

All sessions are:

90 minute Virtual Learning Experience
+30 minute Optional Discussion
Delivered in English
Led by B❒X Creator, Jimbo Clark

For more than 10 years we’ve been taking the phrase, “think out of the box,” literally by putting boxes on (and taking boxes off) more than 20,000 people’s heads. In doing so, we’ve learned about the impact of mindset on  stresscreativity and success while finding the best ways to “hack” unconscious thinking in order to improve results, while experiencing less tension and pressure.

“A Happy Hour for Your Mind.”

Join other B❒X participants from around the world for our first ever B❒X Reunion!

This will be a more social time with a focus on meeting others, finding new insights into your own thinking, and learning new ways you can “hack” your own box, and help others improve their thinking as well.

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