What is your BOX?

We take the phrase “Think out of the box,” literally to challenge the status quo and quickly deliver breakthrough change of any scope or scale.

“It isn’t that people don’t want to change,
it is that people don’t want to BE changed. “

Every change begins with a shift in mindset.

We Build a B❒X to make the…


Awareness is the essential first step in change. Mapping your inner thinking to the B❒X generates deep insights.

Unconscious – Conscious

The B❒X enables a depth of self-reflection and sharing that shifts unconscious bias to conscious choice.

Impossible – Actionable

The B❒X has an action planning tool built in to the physical artifact that is visible, shareable and treasured by participants. 

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This B❒X® is Amazing

The B❒X® Difference

No Workbooks Required

Everything needed for an unforgettable workshop is designed into The B❒X which becomes an artifact that supports change long after the program finishes. 

Scalable from 1 to 1,000

Imagine using the same tool one day for executive coaching, and the next day for a conference of of over 300 people. The B❒X is your new go-to for breaking out of unconscious barriers and enabling results of any scope and scale!

Participant Directed Change

One size does not fit all… The B❒X process is not prescriptive in nature. No one is told what to think, or how to change. Instead, participants are led through a process of self-exploration of their thinking, and then create their own model for that new thinking that enables new possibilities and results.

The B❒X Speaks Any Language

No workbook or materials to translate as The B❒X is language free. Instead, of words, we use BOXY, a gender and culture neutral character, to bring the concepts to life. Slides, while provided, are optional with many facilitators opting to use the physical B❒X as the only delivery tool. 

Virtual and Hybrid Ready

The B❒X creates a shared experience driven by a unique and meaningful physical artifact that deepens discussions and insights regardless of geolocation. It is easier to send a B❒X to a person than it is to send a person to a training room.

And (dare we say it) FUN!

The B❒X uses a research based multi-sensory approach to activate both mind and body to generate new possibilities and create new habits that lead to improved results.

Unleash the Power of The B❒X in your organization.

B❒X® Testimonials

“This is literally a workshop in a B❒X. It is amazing that one tool can lead to so much self-awareness, empathy for others and team alignment.”

Valary Oleinik

“I was blown away. The B❒X brings awareness to all the mental facets that prevent us from connecting the way we truly desire.”

Renita Joyce Smith
Certified Diversity Executive

“The B❒X is a rich and enlightening tool that has helped thousands of our participants deliver innovative solutions. Every client has been delighted.”

Andy Clark
Director, Clark Morgan

“I had been thinking of making a change, but I was stuck in my comfort zone. The Box helped me to remove those limiting beliefs, and be willing to take more risks.”

Salina Chan
Founder, SET Consulting

Don’t miss this opportunity to deliver change.

Deliver The B❒X to your team, organization or clients.

The B❒X speaks any language as it is uses visuals, metaphor and physical experience rather than written language to impact participants. We have facilitators who can deliver in more than 15 languages now, and are happy to explore how we can support development into any language.
Yes. The B❒X was re-designed in 2022 to have impact regardless of delivery method. The shared experience of reflecting, wearing, and tearing the B❒X transcends geographic distance. You will need to get a B❒X to each participant, but it is easier to send a B❒X to a participant than it is to send a participant to a training.
The B❒X has been used with C-Suite of Fortune 50 companies, with board of directors of major companies, with PhDs and with multiple leadership teams. Senior people love The B❒X because it provides a way to get beyond the surface level of thinking and open minds to new possibilities.
Yes. We have a number of coaches using The B❒X including executive coaches, marriage counsellors, family coaches and performance coaches. The B❒X provides a platform for creating a more compelling success image, adjusting mindset to enable new possibilities, and action planning for taking concrete steps to move towards their goals, all embedded in The B❒X.
With good AV, the possibilities are limitless. Each person has their own B❒X to reflect and plan on, and interaction can be done in pairs and small groups, so the B❒X can scale to any size event.
Yes. We have experience in supporting multi-national and multi-lingual change initiatives. We custom design a B❒X Experience to your specifications, and then train your internal trainers to deliver the session across the business.
Only licensed B❒X Facilitators can deliver B❒X based programs… and if you or someone in your organization would like to become a B❒X facilitator then we can Certify you to run the program in house.